40000 take part in Kangaroo maths contest

Posted by 19 March, 2010

LAHORE, March 18: About 40,000 students from all over Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir participated in the world’s largest one-day mathematical contest on Thursday.

The participants included ‘Kangaroos’ from grades III to XII from over 650 schools and colleges. Students from AJK participated for the first time since the contest started in Pakistan in 2005.

The Kangaroo maths contest is held by an international organisation called “Mathematiques sans Frontiers” with its headquarters in Paris, France, every year on March 18.

This year about five million students from 51 member countries of the international association are reported to have participated in the contest. In Pakistan it was the sixth contest on Thursday. It started with about 8,000 students and the number of students increased five times in five years which reflected great enthusiasm of the Pakistani young students of primary to higher secondary classes, says Pakistan Kangaroo Commission president and GCU’s Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences director-general Dr ADR Chaudhry in a statement here on Thursday.

He said besides encouraging young students to perform in mathematics, the contest aimed at identifying the students with creative talent.

“The students participating in the contest are not afraid of mathematics anymore, and instead they look forward to challenging problems in the subject. It is an extremely healthy sign for educational progress in Pakistan,” Chaudhry added.

Source: Dawn

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